Cisco has unveiled its annual forecast Visual Network Index, which predicts and analyzes the trends and the growth of IP traffic in the world. It is predicted in the report that the growth of internet-connections will grow to 19 billion by 2016, almost a doubling of today.

Cisco says that the increase in traffic is for following reason:

  • An increased number of units: Increased use of surf boards, smartphones and other mobile devices has increased demand for connectivity. 2016 it is estimated that 18.8 billion connected devices, nearly 2.5 per person. This isalmost a double of today, when we “only” have 10.3 billion.
  • More Internet users… There will be 3.5 billion Internet users in 2016. Which is about 45 percent of the predicted population.
  • Increased broadband speed… Average speed of broadband is expected to increase nearly four times as much. From 9 megabits per second in 2011 to 35 megabits per second in 2016.
  • More video… It is estimated that up to 1.2 billion minutes, will be sent over the Internet every second. Which is 833 days, or more than two years of video content, every second.
  • Growth of Wi-Fi: Half of all Internet traffic in 2016 will come from devices with Wi-Fi.

The we should have a increased of all this was expected but to this amount is unbelivable.