The U.S. WebShop Target announced that the total number of users who suffered a from Hacking Attack last month could be so much as 110 million.

In mid-December the U.S. e-commerce site Target announced that the company suffered a major data breach. The attackers had, according to Target have managed to come across customers’ personal information, including credit card information.

Last Friday Target said that up to 70 million customers may have been affected from the attack.

Later in the day a spokeswoman for the company clarified that this was an addition to the 40 million as it was said when the company went out with the announced first.

This makes the total number of people exposed to 110 million.

Target clarified that this was not a new intrusion. The attack took place in two phases and our study shows that more affected than the first 40 million that they first thought.

Its not only the card information the attackers have come over, even the  customer names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail.

Target said the company will try to contact all affected.

The attacks took place between 27 November until 15 December. It is still unknown who was behind this.